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Main Features

Built-in buffer amplifier with switchable impedance
Strobe tuner with overwhelming pitch detection accuracy of ±0.01 cents

Independent volume and expression output jack for tuner, volume, expression, buffer, etc.
Active volume design that does not impair tone
Connection variations with HI/LOW impedance switch

Pitch detection accuracy : ±0.01 Cent
pot resistance value (EXP output) : 10kΩ
input : 1/4 inch tip sleeve (TS) jack x 1, 1MΩ/10kΩ
output : 1 /4″ tip sleeve (TS) jack x 1, 1kΩ
EXP OUT : 1/4″ tip ring sleeve (TRS) jack x 1, 10kΩ
Power specifications : DC9V Center negative
maximum current consumption : 70mA
Size : 81mm (width) x 162mm (Depth) x 61mm (Height)
Weight : 606g


Photo is for reference only. Actual color may vary.

Shipping from overseas.

Keeley MK3 Driver - Andy Timmons Full Range Overdrive

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